Vertical Photography

Gerard Halary provides you a new way of
Aerial Photogaphy and high definition ground coverage.
With vertical photogaphy in low level flight (100-400 meters),
you get a surface image of unbeaten sharpness and resolution.
These photographs can be further composed to a large-area image. 

first, you have the shooting, processing and scanning of 4x5 inch slides
into 51 Mb CMYK-datafiles.


Then, the files will be sorted, combined and matched in scale and rotation...


In the next step, the single parts will be orthorectified, un-distorted,
color corrected and blend together to achieve a single large-area image.


In the last step, the edges will be cut and little retouch will be made.
The result here is a 10.000 x 4250 pixel CMYK TIFF file.

To show you the very high definition of the final Image,
we provide you this detail area, cut from the original file.
( you recognize the aircraft in the middle ?!  :-)

images (c) 2002 by Gerard Halary / A.D.P. Paris

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